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Half way to our goal in 2010!

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We are very pleased to be able to say that in 2010 every child in every town in Orleans and northern Essex Counties has been eligible for a free youth membership to IROC as a result of the commitment and generosity of so many people during our Adopt-A-Town fundraising drive in 2009. ( See below)  We now have over 3,000 youths registered as members with more joining every week.  Our after school and weekend activities and vacation camps have been increasingly well attended.  And Border Hoop is now able to use IROC without charge because the Youth Initiative has been so successful.


We have been busy fundraising since the beginning of 2010 to continue this program.  We are now just over halfway to reaching our goal for 2010 - 2011. We have now received donations from over 40 donors, totalling over $43,000, to help cover a number of towns. Fran Azur and Melanie Gefert-Azur have renewed their donation to cover Newport Town, Troy (and North Troy), Lowell and Brighton (Island Pond).  And, Linda and Bruno Studer have renewed their donation to cover the youth of Charleston.  We want to thank them for their generousity and commitment to IROC's Youth Initiative and their support for youth memberships in these towns.  And we have already now received a good number of donations that together get us over halfway toward our targets for Newport and Derby.


We hope you will join our Youth Initiative and make a donation.  Every dollar gets us closer to our goal.  Every donation means that more and more people are participating in our Youth Initiative. 


We calculate the cost per town by taking the number of children (based on the 2000 census) times $15, $10, or $5 per child (depending on the town's proximity to IROC).  Here's a list of the towns, the amount necessary to cover each town for one year, and the amount of cash or pledges raised so far for new year of coverage.  Please note, the dates of coverage for each town vary. 


Calculation of Cost of IROC's Youth Initiative -- 2010-2011
Total       Total     Price       Total     Raised
    Population        <18   per Kid       Cost    To Date
  Newport 5,289 1,172 15 $17,580        $10,650
  Derby 4,891 1,330 15 $19,950        $11,700
  Coventry 1,017 273 15 $4,095          $4,095
  Morgan 669 197 15 $2,955          $2,955
  Charleston 895 218 15 $3,270 $3,270
  Holland 588 189 15 $2,835             $200
  Brownington 885 214 15 $3,210  
  Newport Ctr 1,511 400 15 $6,000 $6,000
    15,745 3,993   $59,895  
  Troy 1,564 404 10 $4,040 $4,040
  Westfield 503 107 10 $1,070  
  Jay 426 115 10 $1,150  
  Lowell 738 217 10 $2,170 $2,170
  Irasburg 1,077 305 10 $3,050  
  Barton 2,780 689 10 $6,890  
  Westmore 306 51 10 $510  
    7,394 1,888   $18,880  
  Brighton 1,260 315 5 $1,575 $1,575
  Norton 214 52 5 $260  
  Canaan 1,078 290 5 $1,450  
  Albany 840 222 5 $1,110  
  Glover 966 213 5 $1,065  
  Craftsbury 1,136 239 5 $1,195  
  Greensboro 770 169 5 $845  
    6,264 1,500   $7,500  
  Total 29,403 7,381   $86,275 $46,695






December 23, 2009 -- We are pleased to announce that IROC's 2009 Youth Initiative Adopt-A-Town fundraising effort has reached its goal and that IROC can now offer free youth memberships to every child (17 years of age or under) from every town in Orleans and northern Essex Counties, effective immediately.  “We are absolutely thrilled that the year end push to include additional towns in the program has been so successful and that we are now able to cover youth memberships in every village and town in our area,” said Julie Gunn, Community Program Coordinator at IROC.


IROC’s part time Youth Coordinator, Nicole Schneeberger, now plans and runs Kids Zone, IROC’s after school and vacation program for youth of all ages.  Schools are making increasing use of IROC for after school activities in the Mitchell Pool and the Pronto Sports Center.  And, IROC is now the home of all Border Hoop games on Fridays and Saturdays.


The Youth Initiative began in 2008 with grants from Terry and Sue Lucas and Carl and Susan Taylor covering Newport City and Derby youth.  In 2009 the initiative took off as donors stepped up to support youth memberships on a town-by-town basis.  IROC wants to thank the many donors who have contributed or pledged a total of more than $86,000 in 2009 to cover the cost of this program:


Fran Azur and Melanie Gefert-Azur Jim and Mary Ann Mulkin
Linda and Bruno Studer Jim and Linda Murphy
Town of Coventry Richard and Kathy White
The Derby Taxpayers Association Faith Olsen
Todd and Myra Alix Doug and Vivian Spates
Mike’s Electric Dave and Beth Bouffard
Andy Pepin Jim Holcomb
Wendy and Alan Franklin Fred and Joyce Oeschger
Paul and Neila Decelles Rosemary Lalime
Stanstead College  Ginny Record
Steve and Pam Abbott Brandon Poginy
Peter and Lona Stuart Donald Cook
Phil and Ali White Various Anonymous Donors
Bob and Jenny Davis  


Phil White, Chairman of the Board added, “We are especially pleased to be able to make this announcement at the beginning of the Holiday Season so that kids and their families can take full advantage of this youth membership during the upcoming vacation time.  We know times are tough for many individuals and families.  So we invite the community to come and enjoy IROC‘s water park and sports center during this vacation time.  It’s a great place to have some fun.” 




Albany  Holland 
Barton (& Orleans) Irasburg
Brighton (Island Pond) Jay
Brownington Lowell 
Canaan  Morgan
Charleston Newport Center 
Coventry Newport City 
Craftsbury Norton
Derby  Troy (& North Troy)
Glover Westfield 
Greensboro  Westmore