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We are pleased to have so many wonderful and dedicated instructors teaching such a wide variety of classes.  Some have been with us for years.  Others are new within the past year, bringing new ideas and new classes with them.  We have become a family of sorts and we hope you will join us, try some of our classes, and find the right ones for you. 

Julie Gunn-Aqua Fitness and Step Interval.
Certifications/Experience: 17+ years of teaching experience, certified in First Aid , CPR, and lifeguarding, and in the past, has carried a certification in Aerobics through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
"I like to teach at IROC because it keeps me in touch with the people using the facility and it's good exercise for me too. I have no excuses, I have to be there! "

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Osteoarthritis - the rescue!

Merin Perretta- Women in Motion, Fitness Yoga, Body Blast Circuit
Certifications/Experience: Masters degree in Counseling from Johnson College, ongoing education in natural healing, wellness, integrative and holistic health studies. 10 years experience in health research and outreach. Certified through American Council on Exercise (ACE) for personal training. My approach to fitness focuses on cross-training in all areas of health. Fo

Nicole Schneeberger- Body Blast Circuit, Drums Alive, Women in Motion (cross training class), Intro to Fitness
Certification/Experience: AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) certified personal trainer, endurance athlete since age 15, IROC instructor for 2 years. "I believe that the most important part of your fitness routine is to keep it moving, keep it changing."

Heather Grieves: Core Training, Aqua Fitness, private swim lessons

Melissa Ingalls:  Matter of Balance, Walking Club
Certifications/Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Community Health Education, trained and certified Coach for Matter of Balance
"I was trained in the Matter of Balance class in the Fall of 2010, and immediately started a class at IROC. It is a very informative class geared towards the senior population to help address the fear of falling and prevent falls from occuring. We teach them exercises that are proven to improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as help them brainstorm ways to make their environment and lives safer. It is a wonderful class and empowers individuals so they can keep their independence and remain safe."

Jo Sweatt-  Deep Water Power Hour

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I have been exercising (Spinning and Pilates) with Laure for years. I added water aerobics with Julie a couple of years ago. I just love their classes! When certification classes to teach water aerobics came to Newport lsst spring, I signed up! I know of many people who feel that they cannot exercise as their joints are painful or need replacement, and this is why I decided to teach a class in the deep end of the pool wearing flotation belts. We have fun jogging and skiing in the water without touching bottom. We get a great workout and the water is therapeutic. I am grateful that I can give back to IROC and the wonderful people who work there. I especially want to thank Julie and Lauren for inspiring me to take the initiative to teach!

Teresa Nelson- Body Blast Circuit

Lauren Gillepsie-
Cycling, Pilates, Shift and Lift (cycling interval class)

Holly Wilson:

Sharon Stewart: Cycling

Margaret Leavens:

Cindy Chaffee-
Beginner Cycling, Cycling

Lynda McDowell: Warm Water Exercise

Deb Jacobs- Sub for Cycling and Pilates

Betty Murray:
Warm Water Exercise

Robert Lee:
Sub for Warm Water Exercise

Lorretta Guyer: Dance 4 Fitness

Lee Tenney:
Warm Water Exercise

Mona Piette: