Phil White- Chairman of the Board and Executive Director 

      Phil White
      Chairman of the Board and Executive Director (without pay)


Peter Channel- Aquatic Manager     

      Peter Channell
      Facility Manager




Susan Engel - Healthy Changes Assistant


         Susan Engel         

         Healthy Changes Initiative (HCI) Coordinator

         Customer Service Ambassador



 Kristian Pearson- Customer Service and Front Desk Staff

       Kristian Pearson
Office Assistant

       Commissioner of Adult League Play




Heather Grieves


     Heather Grieves

       Certified Swim Lessons Instructor







Diane Bennett- Maintenance


     Diane Bennett
     Cleaning Specialist ("Super Woman")






Eva Hayes



      Eva Hayes
     Bookkeeping and Accounting Services are provided to 
     IROC by Eva Hayes of Hayes Accounting Services 




Photos coming soon for:

Deb Tremblay- Office Manager (wednesdays)

Lee Tenney- Assistant HCI - Volunteer Coordinator- Customer Service

Howard Lockamy- Customer Service

Faith Landry- Customer Service and Weekend Manager