Friends of IROC

Join the Friends of IROC and our Believe and Support Fundraising Campaign


This past August IROC faced a crisis when its application for refinancing was rejected by Vermont Economic Development Authority.  In response, we have undertaken a six point plan for moving forward to becoming a self sustaining business in 2012. 

  • We have reduced our staffing levels and our payroll.  Volunteers are now helping staff the desk, run classes, and clean and repair the facility.
  • We've turned down the heat and brought on the solar panels to help heat the pool
  • We are more actively marketing our memberships, programs and classes and increasing our prices (just a little)
  • We will be asking for support from our area cities and towns for our youth initiative which now includes over 3,000 area youth as members of IROC.
  • We are continuing to expand and grow our summer series of running, biking, swimming and triathlon events.
  • We have continued to reduce out debt from $3 Million in 2006 to $1.4 Million today and have started a capital campaign to eliminate it altogether.  Our debt remains the single biggest anchor holding us back and dragging us down.

In the meantime, as of October 15th, we are midway through our "Believe and Support" Fall Fundraising Campaing to raise $200,000 for renovations, equipment refurbishment, and operations before year end.  So far we have raised $121,000 but we have $79,000 to go.  We are looking for 50 people willing to donate $1,000 and 200 people willing to donate $100.  800 people willing to donate $25.  We are also selling dasherboard ads for $600 for one year and $1,000 for two years. 



Please join the Friends of IROC who Believe and Support the cause.  Please give what you can.  Every donation makes a difference.  Every donation is an inspiration to others.  You can send a check to IROC, PO Box 558, Derby, VT  05829


            Click here for the Friends of IROC contribution form.


Or you can make a single on-line donation here.

On behalf of all of our staff, our hearty volunteers, and the community we serve,

Thank You.

Phil White, Executive Director