Going Green

IROC uses a fair amount of electricity and propane to light and heat its sports center and pool.  In 2008, the cost of heat and electricity was just about $160,000.  In 2007 the Board identified the goal of Going Green to lower our environmental impact and, hopefully, to cut these costs in half. 

In 2008 we invested in brighter, but more energy efficient lighting for the Sports Center.  This was funded in part by a substantial grant from Energy Efficiency Vermont. 

In 2009 we are focused on solar pre heating of our pool water as the next, most cost effective phase of Going Green.  The bids are now in (ranging from $150,000 to $250,000) and we are now seeking grants and private donations for this project.

Currently, we are working on solar energy project that is projected to cut the heating cost of the pool in half. 70 solar panels are in place and we hope to have them fully functioning before winter hits.

After that, we will be exploring photo electric cels, wind energy, and other renewable energy sources.

We are grateful for the volunteer assistance of Fred Barnet of National Life in Montpelier.  He is overseeing National Life's substantial going green project and his assistance on this project has been invaluable.